Passion for Sound and Harmony

Online Mixing and Mastering

In today's world most bands cannot afford studio budgets like before. And this certainly goes for bands that are looking for record deal or bands that are on the demo level.

We treat each of our customers with precision and value and we believe that online mixing can be an affordable way for your band to get a great sound for your music.

Online Mixing

In this case you have already recorded your songs but they haven't been mixed yet. We can do this for you and we guarantee a world class sound. Your songs will be mixed by Timo Tolkki.

You simply either download your songs/tracks to our server or you send them by normal mail.

After mixing, we then upload the mixed tracks to you via sendspace in any format you wish. Simple and easy and it doesn't matter where you live. You can send us your songs from anywhere.

Online Mastering

In this case your songs have already been mixed. But you either need some extra touch, clarity and power to them or you need a production master so you can manufacture physical copies. We are able to do both.

You just download your mixes to our server or send them by sendspace and we will process them with utmost carefulness for a best possible sounds.

Your songs will be mastered by Timo Tolkki.

If you have any technical questions or any other questions, please contact someone from our staff.

We require 50% deposit before starting the work and the rest before sending out the material.